Matt Blue

President - Creator - Envisionist - Concrete Enthusiast
Matt brings his great spirit and and management skills to the Crew. He grew up in this industry from the age of 3 Brian had him out in the field. Watching, learning, starting with the smallest most tedious jobs for a kid to keep him busy. Growing up with concrete and lots of changes going on, frequently traveling and creating beautiful spaces for people to reside and to live in tranquility with that we create for them. Any ideas or concepts brought to NWPCC will be designed changed according to owners approval, then professionally installed, Matt takes care of most things at our company. Brian Blue has created another concrete Artisan.

Brian Blue

Owner - Concrete Artisan - Master Carpenter - Envisionist
Brian brings the whole show. He's the creator of NWPCC. Started in 1979 in Seattle, Wa. He has done multitudes of concrete projects all over Washington and the Pacicif Northwest, even Alaska in the Tundra, Crab fishing in the Baring Sea, all aspects of the crab boat were performed. He has lots of creativity and engineering skills as well as building it and putting it all together synced in place, poured finished and done with all the pride a guy can do.